Nadija Kowalchuk

Nadija Kowalchuk is a qualified and highly experienced medicine doctor.

Education includes studying in Calinin medical institute and praciticing as a dental surgeon in Moscow clinical residency.

Nadija is a medicine doctor of a highest Ukraininan qualification category with more than 25 years of overall professional experience, including oral & maxillofacial, cosmetical and restorational sugreries on head and neck areas.

Besides of surgery, she is a qualified dentist, orthopede, implantologist and an aesthetic medicine specialist.

Nadija is constantly improving, attending different education courses and conferences, internship in Paris and various German clinics.


We provide services in various areas of dentistry.

In particular:

  • dental therapy
  • dental surgery
  • orthopedy
  • aesthetic medicine
  • immplantation

The office

Our office is situated right in the very Lviv city center.

It has up-to-date dental KAVO Germany equipment, various devices for treatment and diagnisis made in Germany and Italy.

Our employees are highly qualified and experienced.

Tehy constantly self-improve attending educational courses, conferences, exhibitions, reading specific literature.